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IBC’s Insurance Information Services is a leader in the development and delivery of property and casualty insurance information products and services. We are a national organization whose member companies provide more than 95 percent of the private and public general insurance sold in Canada. IBC’s Insurance Information Servicesis the official agency for collecting and reporting auto insurance statistics to the governments of Alberta, Ontario, the Atlantic Provinces, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut – jurisdictions where auto insurance is provided by the private sector.

IBC’s Insurance Information Services actuarial and statistical expertise is used to transform the more than 200 million insurance transactions collected each year into valuable information for our clients. Our  wide range of statistical “Exhibits”  help actuaries in the development of classification and driving record differentials; underwriters to determine the risk of exposure by classification, and marketers and claims people to look at their market share and compare the experience of their own company to that of the industry.

Through IBC’s vehicle information centre, various studies are conducted on the cost of insuring different models of vehicles. IBC’s vehicle information centre has also developed widely used industry vehicle rating and identification tools – the Canadian Loss Experience Automotive Rating (CLEAR) system and VINlink products and services. Services available on a fee-for-service basis include: custom-developed computer applications, research and analysis, products such as CLEAR, rate group tables, and the VINlink decoder.

We now offer a vehicle pre-insurance inspection service. The service uses digital imaging with dial-up retrieval of electronic records to eliminate the manual processes of gathering and storing paper forms and photographs.

Our insurance industry network provides for efficient data transmissions and maintains a high level of security. It will ultimately include new value-added services.

IBC’s Insurance Information Services provides data processing services for IBC’s Investigative Services, Facility Association and the Groupement des assureurs automobile (Québec’s official statistical agency for automobile insurance).

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