• The Insurance Bureau of Canada

    provides a wide range of products and services to member companies who represent almost 100% of the automobile insurance written in Canada.
  • IBC is also spearheading the operation of CVRC, the Canadian Vehicle Research Council.

  • The Insurance Bureau of Canada has evolved

    into a respected voice in the automobile insurance and manufacturing industries, and is always looking at areas in which it can contribute to these important sectors of the Canadian economy.

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Welcome to Insurance Bureau of Canada

We are the national trade association that represents the companies that insure the homes, cars and businesses of Canadians.

Member insurance companies provide about 90% of the private (non-government) property and casualty (P&C) insurance sold in Canada.


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General Insurance Industry

General insurance (property and casualty, or "P&C" insurance) is a promise to pay (reimburse) should certain things go wrong. Insurance…

Home & Auto Insurance

Compared with home insurance, auto insurance is much more complex. Although provincial and territorial government regulations for home insurance allow…

Business & Commercial

Every business is different. A plumber's insurance needs are different from those of a jeweller. One thing that all businesses…

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Canadian Coalition against Insurance Fraud
Canadian Coalition against Insurance Fraud
Insurance Information Services
Insurance Information Services
Investigative Services
Investigative Services
UV Services
UV Services

Its mandate is to initiate, co-ordinate and support research into areas of common interest to Canadian automobile insurers,

with the intention of improving techniques of repairing vehicles to contain the cost of repairs while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.


What We Offer

Industry Issues

Key industry trends In March 2001, as they surveyed their disappointing 2000 year-end financial results, Canadian property and casualty insurers were striving to make 2001 a transition to stronger performance…

Foundation for Future Recognition

Natural disasters and severe weather are hitting Canada harder and more often. Personal tragedies and increased economic costs are part of this reality. Clearly, we can't stop the rain from…

IBC Insurance Information Services

IBC’s Insurance Information Services collects, validates and analyses insurance-related data and publishes a wide range of statistical "exhibits." IBC member companies have access to Canada’s largest database of commercial and…

Accurate information is essential

if insurance companies are to establish rates that are fair and if government regulators are to effectively monitor the industry on behalf of consumers.


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Insurance Bureau of Canada was created in 1964 at the suggestion of the Superintendent of Insurance for Canada, who was concerned that poor underwriting practices, caused by inadequate information, were threatening the ability of insurers to meet claims liabilities.  Since…


The objectives of IBC in the field of property and casualty insurance are to: provide a forum of discussion; promote and advance the interests of members; study relevant legislation and legislative proposals and make appropriate representations; research all relevant matters…

IBC Mission

IBC’s main focus is to strengthen the business environment for the property and casualty insurance industry. IBC strives to create and sustain a positive image for the industry. The Bureau’s activities include relations with governments, the public, consumers, and media…

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